Browser warning for IE6 users

Since the will to do all that annoying extra bugfixes for IE6 is pretty low 7 1/2 years after its release, I finally decided to display a little nag notice on top of my page after having been encouraged to do so by others (see below). The script is multi-language and customizable and you are free to use, distribute and modify it for your websites (even commercial ones) without any further agreement (consider this a license; needed in Germany). It’s multi-language and offers some small options for quick setup.

Please note this does not mean this site (and others I create in my freetime or at work) will completely stop working in IE6 in near future but some functionality or design might be incomplete/broken because I will no longer optimize my personal web sites for IE6. (At work we and our customers cannot afford stopping to optimize for IE6 yet since some companies still won’t upgrade in near future for – in most cases – comprehensable reasons, so either our customers or theirs would not be able to use the websites we build.) Nevertheless it won’t hurt to display a relatively unobtrusive message.

The icon I used for it is from famfamfam’s free mini icon set:

Other sites that encourage their users to upgrade: (not using my script)

Get a preview here: (Note: this may not display correctly in browsers other than IE 6 – no sense to support it elsewhere ;) )


JavaScript and CSS (quick setup options on top; language and download arrays inside warn-function)

You will also need jQuery in case you don’t have it already. (include jQuery and CSS before including the nag-script)